first publication of "A Visit from St. Nicholas," the
    twinkling Christmas eve poem (commonly credited to
    New York professor Clement Clarke Moore) that
    would come to embody all the joys of the Yuletide
    season—from the rosy-cheeked, jelly-bellied Santa
    Claus, to his rooftop-romping reindeer, to children
    everywhere, snug in their beds, dreaming of
    sugarplums and toys.

    Well, that was then and this is now.

    In ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas: 21st Century
    Edition, satirists Bruce Kluger and David Slavin
    (National Public Radio, The Los Angeles Times,
    Young Dick Cheney: Great American) take an
    outrageous swing at the Christmas season, updating
    Moore’s classic poem with all the shock, awe and
corporate hijinks of today’s headlines.  In their telling, the Christmas holiday is no longer a
time of sparkling snowglobes and good will to men, but rather an annual celebration of
profits, bonuses and cut-throat competition—complete with disgruntled elves, outsourced
Santas, union conflicts, Twittered conspiracies, randy reindeer, media hysteria, factory
relocations, toxic merchandise and a giant leveraged buyout that would rock the world from
pole to pole.

Packing their verse with hilariously spun rhymes (“The workers grew grim, as they churlishly
chored/ while Santa grew haplessly, craplessly bored”) and even funnier illustrations (picture
Santa jumping on Oprah’s couch, and his wife as a covergirl on
Maxim), Kluger and Slavin
spike the holiday egg nog with smart and saucy sass—not to mention loads of laughs.

The story begins seven months
before Christmas, as Santa and
Dolores Claus joyously prepare
for the upcoming holiday season.
To their delight, their nephew
Kyle—an investment banker from
New York
is returning home to
the Pole to assume the role of
Vice President for Strategic
Investment and Quality Control
of Santa's Workshop. But before
you can say "leveraged buyout,"
the quaint, 970-year-old toy
factory is acquired by GiganticCorp,
a notorious Wall Street behemoth
whose holdings include
pharmaceutical and chemical
companies, oil refineries, fast food
and water parks chains, an
aerospace engineering firm and
a wax lips manufacturer. Enter
T. Clive Dingoe, GigantiCorp's
brash Australian CEO, who
promptly introduces the Clauses
and their loyal team of elves to
the mayhem and madness of
modern-day Christmas.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas: 21st Century Edition is not only a cleverly written and
engagingly illustrated tale, but also a sly and wicked commentary on the complicated times
in which we live.


Bruce Kluger
and David Slavin began writing and producing satire for National Public
All Things Considered in 2002. Their cultural and political commentary has
appeared in countless publications across the country, including
The Los Angeles Times,
The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and dozens of newspapers in the Los Angeles
Times-Washington Post News Service. Their work has also been featured prominently on the
Internet, including The Huffington Post, where they are recurring bloggers, and,
which ran their acclaimed “Memo to George” series during the Bush II administration. Their
first book, the satirical children’s biography
Young Dick Cheney: Great American
(AlterNet Books), was published in 2008.

Bruce Kluger (  is a member of USA Today’s Board of
Contributors whose work has been featured in, among others,
Parenting magazine, Us
, Psychology Today, Time Out New York, The New York Times, The Boston Globe,
The Chicago Tribune,
and He was co-author, with David Tabatsky,
Dear President Obama: Letters of Hope from Children Across America (2009;
Beckham Publications); and co-edited Marlo Thomas’ best-selling books,
The Right Words
at the Right Time, Vols. 1
and 2 (2002 and 2006, Atria) and the children’s anthology, Thanks
& Giving: All Year Long
(2004, Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing), the latter of
which became a Grammy-winning CD, for which Bruce served as Associate Producer.

For the past 15 years, David Slavin has worked on TV and radio as a
voice-over artist,
providing narration for hundreds of national and regional commercials, as well as for
Late Show with David Letterman
, award-winning documentaries produced by National
Geographic, PBS and the BBC, and numerous audio books. He was also a contributor to the
special 35th Anniversary re-release of Marlo Thomas'
Free to Be... You and Me (Running
Press Kids), and
Thanks & Giving: All Year Long.

Bruce and David live one block from each other in New York City. Both are married, and
both have two daughters.

21st Century Edition
By Bruce Kluger and David Slavin
Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publication Date: October 19, 2010
Price: U.S.: $9.99 Canada: $12.99
80 pages, full color, paperback
ISBN: 978-0740797965
You better watch out: Andrews McMeel Publishing Releases….
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas:
21st Century Edition
Satirists Bruce Kluger and David Slavin take an outrageous swing at the Yule
season in a hilarious illustrated update of the classic Christmas poem
Media hysteria and shocking
scandal erupt when Santa sells
the Pole in
‘Twas the Night  Before
Christmas: 21st Century Edition
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